Additional points of contact & service centres - Any other questions?

The information and services listed in the Starter Kit have been compiled in collaboration and in consultation with our municipal partners and members of the Startup Arbeitsgruppe Hamburg.

Additional points of contact & service centres - Any other questions?

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us, your startup support.

For digital entrepreneurs & start-ups

IFB Förderlotsen
It’s the point of single contact for public funding for economy, innovation and environment
Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank

Innovationsstarter GmbH
Targeted support of innovative business ideas and young technology-orientated start-ups
Innovationsstarter (german)

hei. Hamburger ExistenzgründungsInitiative
Consultation and a broad coaching programme for founders.
hei. Hamburger ExistenzgründungsInitiative

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Extensive information, service and support for entrepreneurs and business start-ups
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Extensive offer and guidance for start-ups and self-employed in the creative industries
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (german)

Setting up a business as a student

In response to recent queries by students, some of Hamburg’s higher education institutions have set up points of contact specifically for students.

Platform for consulting, financing, expertise or exchange with like-minded student founders

HAW – GründungsService
Accompaniment of foundation activities and services that focus on training, advice and start-up workshops
HAW (german)

FH Wedel
Promotion of business start-ups through information, advise, contacts and infrastructure
FH Wedel (german)

Gründungsservice Universität Hamburg
The offer includes start-up consultation in the area of knowledge and technology transfer, individual counselling and an extensive repertoire of events, workshops and lectures
Universität Hamburg (german)

Startup Dock
The Startup Dock provides knowledge on entrepreneurship through lectures and events. It also promotes and accompanies innovative, technology-oriented start-ups
TUHH (german)

TuTech Innovation GmbH
Central contact point for all questions of technology and knowledge transfer in the Hamburg metropolitan region. Special focus are on cooperation projects between universities and companies, which it initiates and manages

Hamburg Innovation GmbH
Consultation and promotion of business start- ups with a knowledge-based focus. (The organization is owned by all universities in Hamburg and works closely together with the transfer agents of the Hamburg universities as well as institutions – such as Startup Dock TUHH, the Gründerwerkstatt of the HAW Hamburg or facilities of the University of Hamburg etc.)
Hamburg Innovation (german)

EXIST Business Start-up Grant
State-sponsored programme for the implementation of business ideas from students, graduates and scientists from universities and other research institutions

Setting up a business as an unemployed person

Federal Employment Agency
Unemployed persons, who are interested in setting up a start-up, can request counseling and financial support.

Setting up a business as a self-employed person or freelancer

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Extensive offer and guidance for start-ups and self-employed in the creative industries.
Hamburg Kreativ Kreativgesellschaft (german)

Counselling for entrepreneurs in the creative sector in small groups with different entrepreneurial scope.
Hamburg Kreativ Kreativgesellschaft (german)

Student legal advice on the internet
In cooperation with the Cyber Law Clinic of the Faculty of Law (University of Hamburg ), this service issues free advice on questions that concern the Internet.
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (german)

Coaching offer for the promotion of businesses with a focus on the following areas: development, consolidation, growth and innovation potential (for self-employed, entrepreneurs and small-scale enterprises - after the foundation; financially up to 90 per cent subsidy possible).
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (german)

Frequently organised workshops on various entrepreneurial topics and competencies, specifically tailored to the needs of creatives and artists (for all phases of professional activity).
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (german)

Consulting Service
Individual consultation on various topics of business development for entrepreneurs/founders
Johann Daniel Lawaetz-Stiftung (german)

Journalism Innovators Program (JIP)
The Program at Hamburg Media School is a six-month, free continuing education program for innovative journalists. The goal of the program is to rethink journalism and publishing, to (further) develop and implement projects and business models - whether as entrepreneurs of a start-up or as intrapreneurs in a company.
Journalism Innovators Program (german)