Recruiting/staffing - Searching for suitable staff

As your start-up grows, so do the tasks involved. To cope with the increasing workload emerging from this, you might have to hire additional employees.

Recruiting/staffing - Searching for suitable staff

Prior to recruiting any staff, you should get a clear picture of all activities that need to be covered. What is more, you should define the skills and characteristics your new employee should possess and how much financial scope you have.

Especially in the early stage of a business, the motivation and commitment of staff are very important. Everyone involved, and not only the founder, should be aware of the fact that a start-up differs from a large corporation. Therefore, it is important to focus on corporate culture as the initial team members play a key role in shaping corporate culture. In addition to professional qualities, new staff should also be a match on a personal level.

When hiring new staff, there are also legal aspects to be considered, such as the employment contract and insurances. It might also be worth considering offering the new employee a financial stake in the company, as this may raise the employee’s motivation to achieve joint business success.
It is often the case that international founders seek to recruit staff from abroad to work in Germany. Anyone wishing to do so is required to observe a number of German legal provisions.

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