Starter Kit

The Starter Kit provides a general overview for digital founders and startups in Hamburg.

Starter Kit

With a focus on general information, the Starter Kit addresses anything from drawing up a business plan to hiring your first employee. Using the list of links provided, you will be able to obtain more detailed information on each of these topics. What is more, the Starter Kit includes hands-on advice, e.g. on download opportunities for software and templates.

The Starter Kit includes the following topics:

There are various additional advisory services for digital start-ups in Hamburg. To learn more, please send an e-mail to

General services for new entrepreneurs and those interested in setting up a start-up

Advisory sessions for start-ups

The Hamburg Invest advisory session allows you to discuss your startup related questions in person. It is free of charge and aims to supply you with information on municipal services, relevant networks as well as services offered by partner organisations in Hamburg. Above all, the advisory session is intended to provide initial guidance to prospective founders.

Startup Sessions

The Hamburg Startup Digest offers up-to-date information on start-up events in Hamburg.

Networking events for entrepreneurs
Hamburg is home to numerous platforms and established networks for start-up businesses, which facilitate exchange between entrepreneurs and access to both investors and established companies.

hei. coaching programme
Various seminars relevant for entrepreneurs. Participants can receive a subsidy of up to 500 €
hei. Hamburger ExistenzgründungsInitiative [PDF, german]