A Long Tradition: Hamburg and UK

It is often said that Hamburg is the most Anglophile city in Germany, and business relations between Hamburg and Britain boast a particularly long tradition.

A Long Tradition: Hamburg and UK

As early as 1266, merchants of the Hanseatic League met at the Steelyard trading base in London to do business. By 1567, the "Right Worshipful Company of Merchant Adventurers of England" was trading cloth in Hamburg. In 1926, the British American Tobacco Co (BAT) set up a branch on the banks of the Elbe River. Today, about 10 percent of Hamburg’s exports go to Britain, with pharmaceutical goods and aircraft products topping the list. Imports from Britain mainly include crude oil and natural gas as well as petroleum products. Great Britain is a perfect market for German goods as it also provides German companies with access to other Commonwealth markets.

In the year 2015, Hamburg welcomed almost 280,000 British tourists. Roughly 4,000 British citizens live in Hamburg. Last but not least, also a fair focusing on Great Britain has been taking place in Hamburg for 26 years – the "British Flair".

Hamburg: Great Britain’s Gateway to Europe

Hamburg values its century-long friendship with the United Kingdom and regrets the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. In the eyes of Hamburg, it is vital to ensure the UK’s greatest possible integration into the European single market also in future.

In cases of limited options of integration, and companies needing to consider additional activities in the European Union, Hamburg will serve as gateway to the EU. Hamburg offers many advantages. Flight connections to many destinations in the UK are excellent, while costs are modest in Hamburg. Average office rents in good locations on the Elbe only amount to 15-
25 € / month per square metre. Hamburg also boasts British flair and an excellent infrastructure for the British way of life.