Hamburg: Britain’s gateway to Europe

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Hamburg: Britain’s gateway to Europe

Following 47 years of membership, the United Kingdom left the European Union as of 1 February 2020. At the time, an 11-month transition period was agreed, during which the UK would remain in the EU customs union and single market. Now that the end of the transition period is approaching, it is hoped that a new trade deal between the UK and the EU will be agreed and ratified in time so as to prevent a “no deal” exit.

Either way, it is widely understood that Brexit will bring many changes and will have major effects on economic relations with Europe. For UK businesses large and small, it will be essential to have strong partners that can provide advice and support and help them navigate challenging times. So perhaps it’s good to know that Hamburg has a long history of friendly relations with the UK – not only in the realms of business and trade, but also in terms of culture, sports and recreation.

After all, Hamburg is the most Anglophile city in Germany, and trade relations between Hamburg and Britain date as far back as 1266, when merchants of the Hanseatic League would meet at the Steelyard trading base in London to do business. By 1567, the “Right Worshipful Company of Merchant Adventurers of England”, the powerful chartered company that was mainly engaged in the export of finished cloth from the burgeoning English woollen industry, was trading cloth in Hamburg, and by 1611 its foreign trading activities were largely centred in the Hamburg region.

Today, the UK continues to be Hamburg’s third largest destination for exports, and currently some 1,000 Hamburg-based companies maintain business relations with Britain. More than 3,000 Britons have made Hamburg their home, and over the past decade, Hamburg has welcomed about 350,000 (2019) British tourists annually.

With more than 6,000 international companies located in Hamburg, UK businesses will be in excellent company. Offering a vibrant, cosmopolitan ecosystem as well as comprehensive support services for nascent enterprises in particular, Hamburg is especially popular among innovative startups from Germany and beyond. Likewise, Hamburg provides an ideal business environment for international companies looking to relocate within the European Union.

Serving as the one-stop agency for international investment in Hamburg as well as the main partner of Hamburg's business sector on all topics relating to business development, Hamburg Invest supports international businesses looking to relocate to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – with free, comprehensive services such as location consulting and commercial real estate services as well as advice on and support to investment and development projects.

We look forward to discussing your business venture with you and to share further information on the locational benefits Hamburg has to offer.

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