With the globalisation of commodity flows, companies are increasingly competitive and must answer to the continuously growing requirements of their customers – a demand impossible to meet without perfect logistics.

smartPORT Hamburg

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region provides companies with optimum conditions.

Thanks to its geographical location and easy accessibility by water, road, rail and air, Hamburg is an outstanding hub of logistics in world trade and the most important logistics location in Northern Europe. The Elbe city is the most eastern port of the North Sea, making it the ideal harbour for Eastern Europe. As a global hub serving overseas countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and the entire Baltic Sea region, Hamburg benefits from its central position at the confluence of the global trade handled by European logistics.

The Port of Hamburg is therefore of great importance for the supply of the European single market with 500 million consumers. Sustainable efficiency is thus a key objective in the port securing its future and has already become a reality, with "smartPORT logistics" offering intelligent solutions in traffic and goods. Meeting both economic and ecological demands, it focuses on three aspects, i.e. infrastructure, traffic, and goods flows.

Some 10,000 ship calls per year, 320 berths for seagoing ships, adding up to a total of 43 kilometres of quay walls, four modern container terminals, more than 1,200 freight trains per week, around 50 specialised transhipment facilities for project cargo and bulk cargo, as well as 12,000 logistics companies within the city limits – these are just some of the assets that make the Port of Hamburg one of the most flexible and powerful universal ports in the world.