Public commercial real estate in Hamburg

Hamburg Invest is the first point of contact in the allocation of public commercial real estate for business development.

Public commercial real estate in Hamburg

Hamburg is the largest landowner in Hamburg. From its portfolio, the city and its municipal companies offer undeveloped or built-up commercial real estate for lease or rent.

Entrepreneurs planning a project in Hamburg and looking for publicly traded premises available for office, industrial, or commercial use, should first address Hamburg Invest real estate service for comprehensive consultancy. In particular, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg supports companies fulfilling certain business development criteria, i.e. creating employment or meeting requirements of urban development. In case of such a unique proposition, a plot of land may be granted to a company without an invitation to tender, i.e. exclusively.

Our range of services not only comprise the eligibility assessment for the above mentioned funding scheme, but extends from the integral operation consultancy to the selection of suitable premises and their respective acquisition (industry/GI sites, commercial/GE sites, office and services sites/“MK“). All consulting offered by our experience project directors (international business) and project directors (local business) is strictly confidently and free of charge.

A selection of the current offers on publicly-owned commercial or industrial sites in larger development area or in individual locations are showcased in Hamburg’s real estate portal by Hamburg Invest.


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