Biggest Co-working Space in Hamburg to Open at Rödingsmarkt

MINDSPACE from Tel Aviv offers to members flexibility, individual service, and a globally connected community


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Biggest Co-working Space in Hamburg to Open at Rödingsmarkt

MINDSPACE, an international provider of exclusive co-working spaces, will open its new office in April 2016 at Rödingsmarkt 9 in Hamburg. Covering a gross floor space of 4,000 square metres, 600 fully equipped high-tech desk spaces and private offices will provide the perfect working environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, freelancers, and start-ups. "Hamburg is a centre of innovation and creativity, and we are pleased to offer companies a new home at MINDSPACE that inspires them for new achievements", says CEO and Co-Founder Dan Zakai. Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, adds: “In Germany, Hamburg is a leading location for technology-oriented start-ups. MINDSPACE provides excellent conditions to connect Hamburg’s vibrant scene with Tel Aviv’s network.” Israel is known for its entrepreneurial culture around the world. In Israel, the risk capital invested per head is higher than in any other country. There are more than 4,000 startups in Israel, making it the country with the highest density of start-ups in the world. In an international comparison of top locations for founders, Tel Aviv ranks second behind the Silicon Valley. "In Hamburg, MINDSPACE creates room for startups from Tel Aviv to become active in Hamburg", adds Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation. "The fact that MINDSPACE decided to choose Hamburg and Berlin as first locations outside of Israel is also a compliment to the start-up scene in our city."

In the heart of Hamburg, not far away from famous St Michel’s church, the port with its world-heritage warehouse city called “Speicherstadt” and Mönkedammfleet, MINDSPACE will offer hundreds of modern workplaces at flexible conditions at the “Altes Klöpperhaus”. The century-old landmark building with high ceilings of up to 3.80 metres and an imposing sandstone façade is located opposite the Rödingsmarkt metro stop, offering easy access.

The MINDSPACE concept provides best working conditions for companies of all sizes. In its boutique-style interior, young entrepreneurs will find desk spaces and private offices plus the latest conference technology in all meeting and telephone rooms. Lounges and a coffee bar offer invite to relax and to network. Community managers take care that all members have everything they need. A dedicated IT team covers all digital aspects. Furthermore, members benefit from special deals with corporate partners such as Amazon and Microsoft, as well as financial service providers and fitness clubs. To get quickly from A to B in the city, members can use free MINDSPACE bicycles.

Moreover, MINDSPACE is organising inspiring networking events: founder presentations, start-up speed dating, courses, and workshops. Its multimedia event space is not only available to members, but also to external guests. With the MINDSPACE app, members can contact each other, reserve rooms and organize events, share information and experiences, and access the knowledge of the other MINDSPACE members from anywhere in the world. Another social media channel is the Facebook page of the company. Here, you will find current information on upcoming openings of new co-working spaces, MINDSPACE events, or job postings.

Next to Hamburg, MINDSPACE will also lauch a co-working space in Berlin in April. The 5.000 sqm office will be inaugurated in a top location. Located at the Quartier 206 department store at Friedrichstrasse 68, known as "The Q", MINDSPACE will only be a few meters away from Internet giants like Google or Delivery Hero. "We are very pleased to start a new MINDSPACE community in such extraordinary cities like Hamburg and Berlin, home of many young, but also renowned companies", says MINDSPACE co-founder and CEO Dan Zakai. He adds: "It’s not only going to be Hamburg and Berlin. We are already planning the launch of further MINDSPACE locations in Germany."


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