Nearly € 600 Million of Investments into Hamburg’s Economy

Successful annual balance by business developers / HWF remodelled as One Stop Investment Agency

Successful annual balance by business developers

Almost 600 million euro were invested in Hamburg by companies supported by HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation last year. 2015’s result were thus nearly doubled. Frank Horch, Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation in Hamburg, said: “In the government programme of the Hamburg Senate, the goal was set to remodel HWF into a One Stop Investment Agency. HWF’s annual results reflect the successful implementation.“ HWF’s Managing Director Dr. Rolf Strittmatter adds: “Our 2016 results are extremely gratifying. At the same time, we do not want to stop at this point, and further expanded HWF’s services at the beginning of 2017. For companies from industry & trade, research & innovation, digital economy & e-commerce as well as services & tourism, there are now additional specialists available as contacts. We expect thus further positive effects."

In 2016, HWF supported more than 500 companies in settlement, extension, real estate search, or approval requests. 296 companies were transferred to special institutions of the Hamburg business promotion network. 101 companies from Germany and abroad were newly established (66) or supported in their expansion (35). Three of them chose locations in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

1,654 (2015: 1,514) new jobs were thus created, and further 5,062 (2015: 5,885) jobs secured in Hamburg. This resulted in investments totaling € 592 million euro (2015: 333). In additional, consultancy was offered to 400 (2015: 121) companies. Particularly strong was the demand of HWF’s competent advice among start-ups (159), profiting from the expertise of the HWF-based startup hub Nextmedia. In regard to countries, China was the most important international market with 17 new settlements.

The biggest project of 2016 supported by HWF was the approval of DPDHL’s logistics park HUB+Neuland in Harburg. Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, states: “The settlement of DPDHL shows that projects with large numbers of workplaces can also be implemented in Hamburg, once suitable areas have been allocated for this purpose. To ensure such successful projects also in future, the Senate will quickly enable HWF to develop further commercial areas and directly market the city’s existing commercial sites.“

Best Practices

Also in 2016, there were interesting cases of settlement or expansion in Hamburg.

Newly Settled Companies

MINDSPACE, an international provider of exclusive coworking spaces from Tel Aviv, opened its new Hamburg office at Rödingsmarkt 9 in April 2016. With more than 4,000 m² of gross floor area and 600 fully equipped and highly-engineered workstations, MINDSPACE offers the perfect infrastructure for small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, and young start-ups. "Hamburg is a centre of innovation and creativity, and we as MINDSPACE are delighted to offer to companies a home that inspires them for success", says Managing Director and co-founder Dan Zakai.

Hi-Fi Klubben
The Danish specialist for entertainment electronics, Hi-Fi Klubben, opened its first German branch at Hamburg’s Stadthausbrücke 1-3. Hi-Fi Klubben was founded in Aarhus / Denmark in 1980. In the course of years, the formerly small club developed into today’s successful retail chain that exclusively sells audio and video quality products. There are now 96 shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. Hi-Fi Klubben has been active in Germany since 2016. Following first shops in Hamburg, further stores are planned to open in other German cities.
Danish companies often start their business in Hamburg. Hi-Fi Klubben Managing Director Svend Erik Kristensen: "The northern part of Germany is the first address for expansion in Germany. The Hamburg understatement perfectly fits our high-quality products."

Xeneta Marketing GmbH
Xeneta Marketing GmbH comes from Norway. Founded in 2012, Xeneta is an online database for the comparison of freight rates. With its report tool, buyers and sellers of freight can compare their prices with the average and the best price in the industry. Headquartered in Oslo, the company was founded by Patrik Berglund, Thomas Sørbø, and Vilhelm Vardøy. The Hamburg subsidiary is responsible for launching and marketing products, including software products, which are used to monitor, compare, and optimise freight rates. Patrik Berglund, CEO Xeneta, has won the Lloyd's List Next Generation Shipping Award.

Wind power companies from China are becoming increasingly self-assured and push their way into Europe. Among the top nine of large wind turbine manufacturers in the world are currently four Chinese companies. One of them was brought to Hamburg by the HWF: Envision Energy. A second company is currently seriously negotiating setting up a business in Hamburg with support of Hamburg’s Liaison Office (HLO) in Shanghai.  Envision operates four locations in China, three in the U.S., and one each in Mexico and Denmark. Hamburg is the "Center of Excellence".

Expanding Companies

Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL)
With a staff of 6,500, Deutsche Post is the seventh-largest employer in Hamburg and a global mail and logistics services group. In 2016, HWF successfully supported DPDHL in two projects, securing jobs and expanding premises on two municipal commercial sites.  

In the call for tenders, the group delivered the best bid for the new logistics location "Hub + Neuland" at the A1 motorway. By 2020, it will provide work to 1,200 staff on the site that extends over 25 hectares. Among other things, a huge state-of-the-art package centre with an investment volume of approximately 300 million euro will be erected. A leader in CO²-free use of electric cars for end-customer delivery, DHL plans to also use these vehicles in Hamburg. Next to the giant package hub, additional  centres fo sub-distribution are needed. DHL Express will thus invest further € 46 million at the Allermöhe business park to erect a business and office building with 30,000 m² of GFA in the immediate vicinity of other business divisions of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The new building will be part of a comprehensive infrastructure programme, implemented by DHL Express to modernise and expand its production facilities in Germany. Some 300 staff will be employed there.

Delikant Feinkost
Delikant Feinkost is a producer of spreads, fillings and toppings for bread snacks. Customers include a total of around 250 companies, including such well-known enterprises as Hansebäcker Junge, Backfactory, Aral, Esso, REWE, and Lekkerland. In the company's development department, new spreads and innovative manufacturing methods are being developed for novel and advanced products. To improve the freezing capacity of fresh cheese and dairy products, the company started a regional co-operation with Weihenstephan University. Following excellent growth over the past few years, Delikant Feinkost was  unable to further expand its head office at inner-city neigbourhood of Schanzenviertel.  By moving to Bredowstraße, Delikant significantly contributed to the targeted upgrading and modernisation of the industrial district of Billbrook with the sophisticated architecture of its new premises. More than 130 employees will be working industrial estate covering almost one hectare.

Nordex SE is a wind turbine manufacturer with more than 20 regional companies and branches in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA, and employs more than 2,900 people. With its services, Nordex covers the entire value chain – from project planning to turnkey wind farms to service. In 2011, HWF successfully transferred Nordex to Hamburg-Langenhorn. With around 500 jobs, it was one of the largest new settlements of the renewable energy sector in the Hanseatic city. And the company continues to grow. In 2016, HWF thus accompanied Nordex in its further expansion. On an adjacent extension area, approx. 13,000 m² of additional office space will be created. Having already been raised when relocating to Langenhorn, staff figures will once again be augmented from 750  to 900 employees, representing nearly an doubling in HR since 2011.


In 2016, the labour market in Hamburg showed a better performance than expected. Approximately 18,000 jobs have been created according to the Hamburg Agency of Employment. Hamburg benefited from the high demand for labour and the balanced mix of industries, to which HWF’sprojects significantly contributed. However, the Federal Agency of Labor expects a slight increase in unemployment for 2017. It will be countered by the HWF through intensified efforts. HWF Managing Director Dr. Rolf Strittmatter: "In recent years, Hamburg has invested significantly into Hamburg as hotspot of technology. Now,  it is time to turn research results into innovations and to create future-oriented jobs in the north. HWF will be particularly committed to achieve this." In addition, HWF will address targeted companies from North America and Asia thinking about leaving the UK for continental Europe due to Brexit.

In location marketing, the HWF will focus on sharpening the profile of the  Hamburg Metropolitan Region in conjunction with Hamburg Marketing GmbH and business development organisations of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. On 16 February 2017, the business developlers will thus welcome representatives from politics, associations, and industry at the Hamburg office in Berlin. There, Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Innovation, and Transport, and Harry Glawe, Minister of Economy, Labor and Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Stefan Wenzel, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Protection of the State of Lower Saxony, and Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Deputy Secretary of State for Economics, Labor, Transport and Technology Of the state of Schleswig-Holstein will then be showcasing Northern Germany  as a pioneer in the development of intelligent energy systems.

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