Top Manager to Promote Hamburg

Jens-Peter Saul appointed as HamburgAmbassador in Copenhagen

Top Manager to Promote Hamburg

Hamburg strengthens its ties with Denmark. Today, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz has been appointing Jens-Peter Saul, president of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Ramboll Group, as honorary HamburgAmbassador in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Olaf Scholz handed the letter of appointment to Saul at the second Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum organised jointly by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and German-Danish Chamber of Commerce. Olaf Scholz says: “For centuries, Hamburg and the states on the shores of the Baltic Sea have been closely co-operating in politics, business, and culture. For Hamburg, the Baltic Sea region is very important. Of particular importance are our relations with Denmark. By the fixed Fehmarn Belt crossing, we will be moving closer together even more. Like no one else, Jens-Peter Saul stands for this development, and I am delighted that we were able to win him for the honorary office of HamburgAmbassador."

The presentation of the letter took place in the presence of Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen. For Denmark and Copenhagen, Hamburg is the gateway to Germany, Europe – and, via its port, to the whole world. For Germany, Denmark and Copenhagen provide access to the markets in Scandinavia. The expansion of infrastructure between the two cities, with eco-friendly and fast passenger trains, improved connections to Copenhagen Airport, and freight trains with a direct connection to the Port of Hamburg, will significantly strengthen the close ties between the two cities. "Green" motorways between Scandinavia and Hamburg with uncomplicated access to non-fossil fuels such as wind energy, hydrogen, natural gas, etc., will also contribute to a positive development. “This will not only be of great benefit for our economy and our organisations, but also for the regions between Hamburg and Copenhagen“, emphasises Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen. HamburgAmbassador Jens-Peter Saul adds: "Denmark’s and Northern Germany’s economies are closely interlinked. Especially in the field of sustainable technologies and renewable energy, the region is a centre of excellence for both cities. More than a third of all Danish companies actrive in Germany have chosen to settle between Flensburg and Hamburg. Hamburg is the most important location of the Danish economy in Germany. I want to help making this connection even closer and deeper."

Jens-Peter Saul has been the CEO of Ramboll Group for almost four years. Ramboll is a leading engineering and consulting company in Europe. Its approximately 13,000 consulting engineers, designers and management consultants are committed to creating sustainable and long-term solutions for cities and municipalities in the fields of energy, construction, urban planning, environment, transportation, oil and gas, and management consultancy. From urban planning, overall planning of major projects such as the Fehmarn Belt tunnel through to EU legislation, Ramboll covers a very broad range of services Ramboll employs approximately 380 employees in Germany, including 220 staff in Hamburg. Prior to Ramboll, Jens-Peter Saul has been holding various management positions at Siemens since 1994, most recently as CEO of Siemens Wind Power.

Economic ties between Hamburg and Denmark are traditionally close. Copenhagen Airport serve as an important hub for Hamburg due to its numerous direct flights to China. The Port of Hamburg, on the other side, is the most important seaport for Denmark, offering to Denmark’s import and export oriented industry connections throughout the world. Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, says: "In the years 2012 – 2014,128 companies with more than 50 per cent of Danish shares have been listed in the Hamburg commercial register. Denmark is thus the number three of Hamburg’s foreign investors."

According to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, nearly 900 Hamburg companies are maintaining business ties with Denmark, putting the country in seventh place of foreign trade by Hamburg-based companies. 200 of these companies are active in Denmark with a representation, an office, a factory, or as shareholders. 40 companies operate a branch in Denmark, including Still, Jungheinrich, Marquard & Bahls, Beiersdorf, Sasol Wax, Jebsen & Jessen, Damco, and Helm AG. Kuehne & Nagel, Weinmann Geräte für Medizintechnik and Sanford are three of the 136 Hamburg companies active in Denmark by participation or representative office.

Also, Danish companies show a strong presence in Hamburg. Approximately 250 Danish companies are operating branches in the Elbe city, making Hamburg thus the Germany leader of Danish presence. Especially Danish companies from the logistics and food industry, as well as renewable energies relocate to Hamburg. In addition, also companies from Denmark’s design and creative industries choose the Elbe city for entering the German market. Holdings account for about 50 per cent of Danish investments in Hamburg. Leading Danish banks are present in Hamburg with branches, including Danske Bank, Jyske Bank and Sydbank. Last but not least, global players from Denmark such as Dong Energy, Velux, the shipping company Maersk, Carlsberg or Vestas, have chosen Hamburg to grow and expand their activities.

The HamburgAmbassadors are the international network of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It strengthens the international awareness of Hamburg through personal contacts and activities. Appointed by Hamburg's First Mayor, the HamburgAmbassadors exert an honorary office. Once in duty, their official title is "Honorary Representative of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg".

HamburgAmbassadors are private individuals with close ties to Hamburg. Permanently living abroad, they occupy an outstanding position in the economy, culture or society of their country of residence. The honorary representatives advertise Hamburg in their respective circles. They promote the Hanseatic city at receptions by giving lectures and talks, and by annually hosting a "Hamburg evening" for friends, business partners and decision-makers. In addition, HamburgAmbassadors are actively involved in the planning of trade fairs, conventions, and congresses, and support Hamburg’s international activities. Currently, there are 35 HamburgAmbassadors in 23 countries. The Ambassador programme is organised by the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation.