EXPO REAL: More Urbanity in the City

Hamburg stand fully booked. Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Hamburg Minister of Finance,  to visit the trade fair

EXPO REAL: More Urbanity in the City

Hamburg’s new urban development concept “More Urbanity in the City“ will the focal topic of Hamburg’s presentation at this year’s EXPO REAL. Taking place 6-8 October in Munich, the fair is Europe’s largest for commercial real estate and investment.

“Hamburg’s population will continue to grow in coming years. Already today, we will have to prepare ourselves for this growth.  Our key objective: to accommodate our growing population and dynamic economic within the existing urbanised areas of our city-state”, says Olaf Scholz, Hamburg’s First Mayor. 55 companies and institutions will join the Hamburg stand this year, which will thus be fully booked. Also, the Hamburg Minister of Finance, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, will travel to Munich.

In addition to talks with investors, the minister will speak at the traditional Hamburg / HafenCity reception and at an event of ECE. Together with Reinhard Meyer, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Dr. Stefan Rudolph, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Dr. Peter Tschentscher will also attend a reception hosted for the exhibitors from North Germany. The fair participation and joint Hamburg stand will be organised by HWF Service GmbH, a newly formed subsidiary of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

Hamburg is networking and competing with all major international cities that have put the development of the water's edge on their agenda. With HafenCity, the International Building Exhibition and the International Garden Show, Hamburg presented, and still is presenting, new and often daring solutions for urban areas and landscapes against the backdrop of climate change that are appreciated also internationally.

Hamburg pursues a sustainable urban development. This also means to use the available space and land within the city’s urbanised areas more efficiently, and not to expand settlements at the expense of large valuable natural areas. “More urbanity in the city” is thus the ultimate goal for the future development of urban space. The target of “more urbanity in the city”, however, is not limited to issues of land use. It also means to enhance the Hamburg’s urban qualities, and to create an even more diverse city of the future, which continues to offer a high quality of life.

The implementation requires intensive communication and consent of all participants in order to exploit the existing construction potential in the urbanised districts of today and of the future. To exploit the potential of urban construction areas and to preserve urban open spaces in their high quality are both goals of equal importance, which will have to be more tightly connected in future projects. At EXPO REAL, the civic partners HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, Landesbetrieb Immobilienmanagement und Grundvermögen, the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, Hamburg Port Authority, HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, and the Hamburg’s Ministry of Urban Development and the Environment as first time exhibitor will thus be looking forward to talks with old and new partners.

Hamburg will present itself at the EXPO REAL at the same location as last year on 640 square metres in hall B2. Even though now completely modernised, the Hamburg pavilion will remain true to its fresh and clear-cut design in the classic Hamburg colours of blue and red. After the addition of second level two years ago to house additional meeting rooms and lounge area, and the replacement of large structures by 2013’s open format with conference table, the last conversions in the frame of the complete renovation of the Hamburg stand will see a reshaped row of columns that will be better structured and adopted to the needs of the stand’s partners in 2014. Last but not least, also beautifying retouches and constructive novelties have taken place. On the outside, large format screens featuring changing project design s and new screens for corporate presentations of co-exhibitors will optimise their external presentations and complement the new look of the stand. 

In total, 55 companies and institutions will joint the Hamburg stand at EXPO REAL. Together, they will reflect the entire range of service of Hamburg’s real estate industry. New partners and the stand include the ARGOS Projektmanagement GmbH, Hamburg’s Ministry of Urban Development and the Environment, Euler Hermes Rating, HC Hagemann real estate, Latham & Watkins LLP, the saving institute “Sparkasse Lüneburg”, URS Deutschland, Stöben Wittlinger, and VÖLKEL COMPANY Asset Management. Back again are the Hamburg Team and the HPA Hamburg Port Authority. ARCADIS and Richard Ditting increased their participation.


HWF, Andreas Köpke, head of corporate communications and authorised signatory of HWF Service GmbH

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