MIPIM: Successful presentation of Hamburg’s real estate industry

ECE wins two real estate "Oscars"; large international interest in IBA

MIPIM: Successful presentation of Hamburg’s real estate industry

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region presented itself at MIPIM, the world’s biggest property show at Cannes in southern France, as a liveable waterfront metropolis and a solid market for investments of the national and international real estate industry. The trade fair participation served, in particular, as platform to promote to trade visitors the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg and the international garden show igs 2013 in their presentation year. "This year’s MIPIM was not only one of the most important market place in the competition of locations, but has certainly been developing into a forum of sustainably urban development. Europe’s large cities are all confronted with similar problems. In Cannes, we could share these and learn from each other. In this context, IBA was an outstanding project", said Jutta Ludwig, CEO Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

24 (2012: 16) partners participated at Hamburg’s joint stand. The Hamburg stand was visited, inter alia, by a delegation from Bordeaux headed by the former French Prime Minister Alain Juppé, along with trade visitors from Copenhagen, Gdansk, Kiev, Lille, Lyon, Hamburg’s sister city Marseille, Moscow, Nantes, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, and Warsaw. Frankfurt’s mayor Olaf Cunitz was guest of honour at the traditional Hamburg lunch.

One of the trade fair at the Hamburg stand was the joint presentation of ULI Urban Land Institute and ZIA - Germany Property Federation on the subject “Energy policy and practice at its best – does Germany lead?“ with EU Commission Günther H. Oettinger, Member of the European Commission Responsible for Energy, Dr. Andreas Mattner, President ZIA - Germany Property Federation and Joe Montgomery, CEO ULI Europe - Urban Land Institute discussion. "Hamburg has gained international importance. Our spring report by real estate experts confirms the city’s attractiveness to national and international investors. We are thus more than pleased to be a partner at Hamburg’s stand and to be the only German association participating at MIPIM and to promote Germany’s sites", said Andreas Mattner, President ZIA - Germany Property Federation, in the course of the discussion.

Largest single exhibitor at the Hamburg stand was once again HafenCity. At HafenCity’s large media table, visitors were able to explore the project in depth. At the traditional Hamburg/HafenCity reception, Jens Lattmann, Hamburg’s Secretary of State for Finance, welcomed numerous guests. "Within the next 20 years, Hamburg’s population will grow to two million inhabitants. Already today, Hamburg has been confronted these challenges with HafenCity and IBA. Both are outstanding urban development projects, which significantly contribute to the future viability of the Hanseatic city", said Lattmann.

Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, CEO HafenCity-Hamburg GmbH, drew a positive mid-term review after twelve years old development. HafenCity’s western and central parts today are neighbourhoods with nearly 2,000 inhabitants, more than 450 companies employing some 9,000 staff, as well as many shops, cafes and restaurants. At the same time, the development of further central and eastern neighbourhoods becomes more and more visible. By autumn 2013, the Kühne Logistics University (KLU) and HafenCity Universität (HCU) will move to their new HafenCity sites with more than 2,000 students. In summer 2013, a large complex of buildings will be inaugurated at Magdeburger Hafen. With the first sections of HafenCity’s central park "Lohsepark" being handed over to the public, HafenCity is increasingly becoming greener.

"We wanted to showcase at MIPIM HafenCity’s excellent development along advanced urban and sustainability standards. It’s an internationally leading example of best practice on how to intelligently advance and newly build a city right in the heart of a metropolis. To pursue this, we would like to win additional partners, investors, developers and users", said Bruns-Berentelg.

This year’s MIPIM was a particular success for the Hamburg-based shopping centre developer and operator ECE. ECE won two "real estate Oscars". Opened in October 2012, ECE’s Marmara Park shopping centre in Istanbul was named "Best Shopping Centre." In addition, the Milaneo in Stuttgart was honoured as "Best Futura Mega Project" with a MIPIM award.

The MIPIM Award is considered as one of the most prestigious accolades in the real estate sector. Each year, the real estate "Oscar" is granted to the world’s best property projects. Marmara Park successfully competed against project in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore; Milaneo won the race against projects in the United Kingdom, on the Maldives, and in China.

"What a wonderful MIPIM! These are great laurels for Marmara Park and Milaneo and a wonderful confirmation of the quality of our work", rejoices Alexander Otto, CEO ECE. "We knew we had entered the competition with two outstanding projects – but I never thought we really would take home two MIPIM Awards", said Otto. "I would like to express special thanks to ECE’s architects that significantly contributed to the success by their innovative architecture."