Bright prospects for the business location

Hamburg Business Development Corporation: 4,375 jobs newly created or secured in Hamburg

Wind industry creates growth in Hamburg

Bright prospects for the business location

Also in 2011, Hamburg’s economy continued its growth path. The positive economic climate stimulated the implementation of 935 new jobs created with support of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation, short HWF. 96 companies from home and abroad were newly acquired or supported in their expansion, accounting for a total investment volume of 179.49 million euro. Furthermore, 3,440 jobs were secured.  Furthermore, a new location was found in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area through a northern German co-operation for three Hamburg companies that could not find suitable premises within the city limits. The consultancy services offered by Hamburg’s “Mittelstandlotsin“ (SME pilot) and her team were especially welcomed by medium-sized companies, with minor or major problems solved for 313 firms.

The most important acquisition of 2011 was the start of Siemens’ wind power division on 1 October 2011. "With the proximity to the offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and the concentration of related industries, Hamburg offers particularly good conditions to the wind industry. In aircraft construction and shipbuilding, engineers are well-prepared for the needs of the wind energy industry", explains Frank Horch, Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation. Jutta Ludwig, CEO of HWF, adds: "For HWF, sustainable growth in Hamburg is of great importance. We thus regard it as a major success that we were among those who convinced Siemens to transfer their global headquarters for wind power from Denmark to Hamburg." Uwe Schreiner, Commercial Director of Industrial Services Siemens North: "For more than 100 years, Hamburg as been a very attractive location for Siemens, and has meanwhile established itself as one of the world’s most important wind power centres. The number of employees at Siemens wind power will triple by 2013 from today’s 170 to more than 500."

The acquisition of wind power players has been a key objective of HWF’s activities since 2008. Areva Wind (France), Broadwind Energy (USA), Det Norske Veritas with its new offshore division (Norway), Dong Energy (Denmark), ENBW Renewable Energies (Deutschland), Fugro (Netherlands), Gamesa (Spain), GE (USA), Global Wind Power (Denmark), Global Tech I / Windkraft Union (Germany), Nordex (Germany), PowerWind (Germany), PMSS (United Kingdom), Scan Energy (Denmark), StormGeo (Norway), TÜV Süd offshore wind energy division (Germany) and Vestas (Denmark) are among the wind energy enterprises to have chosen the Elbe metropolis as new home since then. Next to Siemens, HWF’s largest project was the relocation of the Nordex headquarters from Norderstedt to Hamburg.


In 2011, HWF attracted 71 companies to Hamburg. 446 new jobs were created in a first step. Investments totalled 5.99 million euro. Key sectors of the newly acquired companies are media, IT, telecommunications, and logistics. With 18 out of the 71 newly acquired companies, China once again tops the international list, with further three companies at home in Taiwan. Rainbow, a recycling specialist, came from Northern China. TSMC Solar is a renewable energy enterprise at home in Taiwan. Another important source market for relocations is Russia, with the special logistics company AMS Medical Lines, Arti Seafood and DMA Hamburg Inox & Alloys that set up a small precision steel processing plant in the south of Hamburg for the electrical industry. Brought to Hamburg by HWF, Intentium GmbH (Casual Games) was recently honoured as "best Russian medium-sized company in Germany". Building sustainable nursery schools and childcare centres in Scandinavian style, Norway’s Ulna group also set up German headquarters in Hamburg with the help of HWF.


In 2011, HWF’s consultancy service was particularly strong in demand. 313 companies (2010: 265) were helped in minor or major problems. 25 Hamburg companies were supported in their expansion projections, with 489 jobs newly created, 3,440 jobs secured and 173.5 million euro of investments triggered off.

A key factor in the successful relocation and expansion projects is the sufficient supply of commercial real estate in line with market requirements. Jutta Ludwig: "Also in future, Hamburg will need a sound stock of well-developed commercial and industrial sites of various quality. We need an active commercial area development programme, focussing on redevelopment, use intensification, activation of fallow land, and qualification of existing commercial sites. At Billbrook, HWF has shown how this can work in future."

Co-operation in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region also plays an important role. If HWF is not able to provide its client with suitable premises in Hamburg’s city limits, it tries to find this site in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. In 2011, this happened three times.


Since 1 July 2011, HWF has been operating as part of a holding also incorporating the Hamburg Marketing GmbH and the Hamburg Tourism Board. HWF CEO Jutta Ludwig is also board member of Hamburg Marketing GmbH. Under the claim "With One Voice For Hamburg", national and international markets are dealt with collectively, particularly in the fields of business development and tourism. While the partners profit from HWF’s international expertise, the overall marketing activities of Hamburg Marketing GmbH are to facilitate HWF’s acquisition efforts. Jutta Ludwig: "The reorganisation of Hamburg’s city marketing allows us to enrich each others efforts and significantly improve our awareness in markets."