Scheme helps fast-growing start-ups to settle in Hamburg

Ten global start-ups secure grants from Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg

Scheme helps fast-growing start-ups to settle in Hamburg

Ten international start-ups have secured funding of up to EUR 50,000 through Hamburg Invest's Scaleup Landing Pad. The scheme offers young, fast-growing companies a package of measures and the expertise of Hamburg's business community free of charge. The scale-ups come from Scandinavia, the Far East and Central Europe and specialise in AI-based platforms for charging flows in the port or hydrogen production.

Forward-looking logistics

The Uturn start-up seeks to link up stakeholders in container transport on its digital platform and make the industry more efficient and sustainable. Awake.AI aims to increase the efficiency of port logistics by connecting all those involved on its AI-based platform for port-based freight flows. Senior Automation, on the other hand, offers driverless port solutions and autonomous transport services while Infinite Mobility produces solar electric vehicles for urban transport on the last-mile. MicroSec solves security issues for small devices and networks on the Internet of Things, especially in the logistics industry. Key visual of (picture: Key visual of "Scaleup Landing Pad"/Hamburg Invest)

Best conditions for key future technologies

"We are particularly pleased by the many applications for the scheme. Young companies are clearly interested in Hamburg and to grow in the mobility and logistics sector," said Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of Hamburg Invest. "Hamburg is one of the best places in Europe for innovative young companies in those sectors as hardly any other region has so much concentrated know-how in key, forward-looking technologies." Hamburg is a hotspot of innovative mobility and logistics and an ideal launching pad for start-ups as it is the third-largest seaport in Europe.

Hydrogen projects and new mobility concepts

Hamburg is also bringing the scale-up SunGreenH2 to the Hanseatic city. The company manufactures electrolysers that produce twice the amount of hydrogen while consuming fewer precious metals and less energy. Another start--up named Hysilabsc specialises in transporting hydrogen. It produces liquid hydrogen carriers that can be transported by conventional means of transport. Yet another start-up, Circu Li-on, upcycles old energy carriers, in this case disused battery cells. The BeeX start-up specialises in underwater mobility and produces floating autonomous underwater vehicles while the Flyability start-up uses drones to inspect inaccessible or narrow interior spaces.

Hamburg Invest's Scaleup Landing Pad

Around 30 international companies had applied for the Scaleup Landing Pad, which was launched by Hamburg Invest in June 2021 on behalf of the Ministry of Economics and Innovation. All of the scale-ups have been on the market for a few years. The winners can now look forward to active support from the economic development agency.

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