Hannover Messe: Hamburg to present itself as hydrogen location and ITS host

The world’s leading industrial trade fair to be held in digital format in 2021

Hannover Messe: Hamburg to present itself as hydrogen location and ITS host

Following a one-year break, Hannover Messe is now back: the world's number one industrial fair is taking place digitally from 12 to 16 April 2021. In keeping with the tagline “Future. Made in Hamburg”, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg will be part of the event, presenting itself as a leading hydrogen location and host to the 2021 ITS World Congress – the international industry platform for intelligent mobility and transport networks of the future. Hamburg’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Michael Westhagemann, said: "Decarbonising industry, developing a green hydrogen economy and promoting smart mobility are among Hamburg’s top priorities. We look forward to demonstrating this in front of an international audience and engaging with partners from industry as well as representatives of other cities and metropolitan regions. The issues caused by climate change are global issues and can only be solved together."

Hamburg's digital trade fair presentation is jointly organised by Hamburg Invest and Hamburg Marketing. Dr Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of both enterprises, explained: “The Corona pandemic poses major challenges for the economy and for exchange between science and business. This year’s Hannover Messe comes in a digital format that aims to connect some of the brightest minds of tomorrow’s key industries. As part of seven digital round tables, we will be highlighting Hamburg’s innovative power."

Even at this stage, Hamburg is among those European regions that boast extensive expertise in the production of hydrogen and its use in various sectors of the economy. Moreover, as a logistics hub as well as a major industrial location in Europe, Hamburg offers ideal conditions for advancing green hydrogen. This process is further strengthened by connecting hydrogen with Hamburg’s high-performance electricity grid. Moreover, large parts of the local gas grid are currently being prepared for hydrogen usage.

Kicking off this year’s event, Minister Westhagemann and Jan Rispens, coordinator of the Hamburg Hydrogen Network, will be presenting their concepts for a self-sustaining hydrogen economy as part of a digital dialogue. This will be followed by five additional talks with industry representatives. Topics will include

  • infrastructure
  • port logistics and shipping
  • aviation
  • production and industrial use, and
  • hydrogen imports.

The talks will be held in English and will be moderated by Heinrich Klingenberg, Hamburg Invest’s hydrogen expert. Another discussion format will be used to introduce the ITS World Congress, which is scheduled to be held in Hamburg this October.