London and Hamburg to strengthen business links

London & Partners and Hamburg Invest, are planning to develop an action plan aimed at helping students, tourists and businesses have even greater access to the two cities

London and Hamburg to strengthen business links

London and Hamburg have pledged to strengthen economic cooperation between the two cities. In collaboration with other municipal partners, the respective business development agencies, London & Partners and Hamburg Invest, are planning to develop an action plan aimed at helping students, tourists and businesses have even greater access to the two cities. A delegation from London is currently visiting Hamburg, which also includes seven of London’s fastest growing companies, who are seeking to explore investment and expansion opportunities in Hamburg. The aim of the two-day trade mission is to strengthen collaboration between the two cities and create networks within key economic sectors such as the creative, media and technology industries.

Laura Citron, CEO of London & Partners, said: “London and Hamburg share strengths in creative industries and are both hubs for innovation. Hamburg’s thriving media, advertising and creative sectors makes it an attractive city for ambitious London businesses that are looking to enter the German market. We also see lots of opportunities for high-flying German companies in London and we’re committed to working with Hamburg Invest to help make it even easier for companies to do business between the two cities.” Dr Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of Hamburg Invest, added: “The lively partnership between Hamburg and London demonstrates that relationships between cities across national boundaries are becoming ever more important. The team of Hamburg Invest visits the UK on a regular basis, and only a few weeks ago, our Startup Unit was over in London with a number of young entrepreneurs from Hamburg. The dynamic startup sector in particular shows how these two cities can harness the advantages of both locations. Founders who are at home in London also feel at home in Hamburg. Numerous Hamburg-based businesses are active in the UK and ensure a lively exchange. It is these ties that foster the innovation climate on both sides. Therefore, we are especially pleased to see that these important startup networks between the two cities will be strengthened further through London & Partners’ visit to Hamburg."

The companies travelling on the trade mission represent some of London’s best B2B technology businesses from the advertising and creative industries looking at Hamburg as a possible launchpad into the German market. Some of the London companies visiting Hamburg include The Dots, an online social network and LinkedIn challenger for freelancers, entrepreneurs and millennials; Drew London, a branding and digital communications agency; as well as Influencer, a digital influencer marketing platform for brands.  
Germany is the second largest European market for foreign investment into London, with Hamburg featuring in the top five German cities for investment into the UK capital. Following their participation in the Next Media Accelerator programme, a number of London businesses have now also expanded their operation to Hamburg, among them Unruly, a video advertising platform, and Sceenic, a media technology startup.

In October 2017 and September 2018, Hamburg Invest was involveld in organising the "Hamburg on Tour" event series in London. As part of this project, Hamburg Invest hosted several information events regarding opportunities for London-based companies to do business in Hamburg. The target group included stakeholders from the financial sector as well as nascent entrepreneurs.