Hamburg Metropolitan Region: Ready for Competition

Over 5 million people live and work here. It is the economic center of Northern Europe and a highly attractive economic area for international and national companies.

Metropolitan Region Hamburg: Highly Attractive

Located between North Sea and Baltic Sea, with the Elbe river as lifeline and the city-state of Hamburg in its heart, the Metropolitan Region Hamburg is a highly attractive for international and national companies, combining economic dynamism with a high quality of life.

Export-oriented companies benefit from the broad performance profile of the Port of Hamburg, the ports of the lower Elbe river such as Cuxhaven, Brunsbüttel, Glückstadt, Stade, and the inland ports of Lüneburg and Uelzen.

The planned fixed tie across the Fehmarn Belt will link the Hamburg Metropolitan Region even closer to Scandinavia. The Fehmarn Belt tunnel ensures faster connection, higher capacity, greater flexibility, and improved security of supply between Scandinavia and Central Europe. It allows companies to save time and money, and thus to increase productivity and competitiveness. In addition, new customers and suppliers can be obtained in the extended catchment area of the tunnel. Thus, the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is more than a fast, strong link between Denmark and Germany. It is the backbone of development in a unified economic region in northern Europe.

While regional companies directly benefit from improved infrastructure, also incentives for new businesses will arise the region. As a rule, companies move to places where market opportunities are best in order to minimise, inter alia, their transportation cost.