Immense diversity

Hamburg’s innovation landscape is characterised by great diversity and takes a prominent position within numerous fields of technology, such as civil aviation, wind power, laser and X-ray technology, and port logistics.

Immense diversity

Hamburg is thus more diversified than many other large cities and at the same time highly specialised. The city on the River Elbe is a leading technology centre in the following key areas – to name but the most important ones:

  • materials and processes
  • mobility, transport and logistics
  • energy, climate, environmental protection and marine technology
  • healthcare, applied life sciences and nutrition as well as
  • the cross-sectoral field of digitisation.

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region provides unique collaboration opportunities, with a strong economy, a highly diverse range of industries as well as excellent scientific institutions and relevant application and transfer initiatives. From basic research and test fields to market launch: Hamburg can provide professional partners for almost every step in the innovation process.

And this also applies to financing, as Hamburg is characterised by above average levels of private capital. Many well-to-do Hamburg citizens feel very attached to their city and will be happy to invest their capital locally if the investment promises to be successful.