Hamburg: Powerful Start-Up Landscape

Ideas are worth money in Hamburg. A strong and diversified economic structure and a vibrant start-up ecosystem provide a good basis for successfully implementing ideas.

Start-up, Hamburg

Hamburg has overtaken Berlin as Germany’s leading location for nascent entrepreneurs. For each 10,000 economically active persons, an average of 253 persons started up a business in Hamburg between 2014 and 2016 (+7 compared to 2013–2015). In the ranking of Germany’s federal states, Berlin comes second with 238 new entrepreneurs, followed by Hesse with 182. Figures are based on the findings of the KfW Start-up Monitor 2017.

Many start-ups from Hamburg successfully developed into international companies, including InnoGames, Bigpoint, Facelift, Goodgame Studios, Jimdo,mytaxi, and XING.

Start-ups like Dreamlines,Kreditech, Stuffle or Sonormed continue to write this success story.

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